Fusion Signature Series 7″ Marine Speakers : Sound Quality & Staying Power

Fusion Marine 7.7 inch Speakers

Rock the Boat with Fusion Signature Series 7″ Marine Speakers

A great sound system is the perfect way to set the scene for an amazing day on the water, from listening to the big game to relaxing with your favorite tunes. Unfortunately, due to abuse from moisture, weather, and onboard passengers, most factory speakers fail to deliver, producing muffled, poor quality sound that can be hard to decipher over marine background noise. For a seagoing experience that’s as pleasing to your ears as it is to your eyes, you need a better speaker setup. You need a set of Fusion Signature Series Marine Speakers.

Serious Sound, Built to Withstand Marine Extremes

Fusion Signature Series 6.5″ and 7.7″ speakers not only deliver stunning sound, but are built to last, withstanding exposure to moisture, salt, sun, and the temperature extremes and physical abuse that are unavoidable in the marine environment. Forget worrying about the paper cones of automotive speakers…. Made of specialty woven polypropylene composite and surrounded by a high-grade engineered basket construction, Fusion Signature Series speakers offer True Marine™ protection.

Lasting Performance

Rated IP 65 for water and dust ingress protection and meeting industry standards for UV and salt-fog protection, the crossover components of Fusion speakers are fully sealed for enhanced protection against the harsh marine environment. This also improves frequency response at the crossover, making carefully designed component an ideal onboard companion. Rigorously tested for marine extremes and built to last, Fusion Signature Series speakers are supported by a 3-year limited warranty.

Sound Quality that Rocks the Boat

Built for more than withstanding corrosion and abuse, Fusion Signature Series speakers excel in audio performance. Water-friendly CURV woven polypropylene cone technology produces unparalleled sound definition at higher outputs. Large diameter voice coils, exclusive to the Signature Series, boost power, efficiency, and sound quality. Optimized woofer magnet systems provide clear, clean mid-range frequencies, even at the loudest settings, combined with improved tweeter cut-through and transparency for crisp, clear highs and overall amazing acoustics.

Decked Out

Available to match nearly any system/vessel and marine receiver, customize your listening experience with Fusion Signature Series unique, dual-color diffused LED lighting options in Sparkling White or Striking Blue. Build on with subwoofers and amplifiers, taking your system to the next level, integrating with optional SG-VREGLED voltage regulator, ensuring consistent voltage levels and allowing for the adjustment of LED illumination brightness and tone.

Tired of straining to hear your stereo system over wind, waves, motors, and marine life? Get serious about your sound system with an upgrade from J-TEK Marine today.

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