GARMIN GMR™ 626 xHD2 Open Array Radar

GARMIN GMR™ 626 xHD2 Open Array Radar with radar images

Keep it All in Sight with GARMIN GMR™ 626 Open Array Radar

Designed for larger sport fishing boats and yachts over 50-feet, the GARMIN GMR™ 626 open array xHD2 series radar delivers all the advantages of a 6-foot antenna, featuring a tight beam width focused down to just 1.1 degree for superb resolution and detail. Transmitting power at 6-kilowatts, this high-sensitivity radar device provides consistent target positioning you can depend on, whether you’re fishing the shoreline under blue skies or cruising in foggy, limited-visibility conditions.

Easy to Install & Use

Designed for plug-and-play use, the GARMIN GMR™ 626 offers hassle-free installation and setup, quickly delivering clear, reliable information on waters within 72 nautical miles of your vessel. Quieter than previous generations with rotation speeds of 24 or 48 rpm for rapid, precise target updating, the GARMIN GMR™ 626 provides pristine, clearly-definable data, painting a clear picture of other vessels, the shoreline, and inclement weather in 8-bit true color imagery on your chartplotter.

Enhanced Features

The second-generation GARMIN GMR™ 626 xHD2 offers enhanced features and performance improvements over previous models, with a powerful 6-foot GMR 626 xHD2 and 1226 xHD2 capable of concentrating energy within a 1.1-degree horizontal and 25-degree vertical beam width. Carefully designed to enhance target separation, the GARMIN GMR™ 626 xHD2 encompasses all the powerful scanning capabilities and features a mariner depends on in a radar system, delivering clear, reliable data to help you stay on top of what’s nearby your vessel or on the horizon…

  • Turn to dedicated ‘Bird Mode’ for the quick identification of bird flocks – and fish!
  • Employ ‘Guard Zone,’ setting a safety zone and alarm for objects too close for comfort.
  • Identify moving targets and potential collision threats with ‘Echo Trails’ historical trail mapping.
  • Track up to 10 selected targets with ‘Mini-Automatic Radar Plotting Aid’ (MARPA).
  • Overlay radar imagery on your chartplotters map page.
  • Automatically adjust gain levels to optimal settings whether you’re shore-side or in open water with ‘Dynamic Auto Gain,’
  • Automatically adjustment to calm, medium, or rough sea conditions with the ‘Dynamic Sea Filter.’

Added Security

Tired of toggling between views? Capable of providing dual-range views with dual xHD2 on-board radars or domes, simultaneous short and long range views on your independent multifunction display, chartplotter, or combo-unit are possible. This ensures an immediate picture of your vessel’s path and what’s on the horizon, from weather to land structure and oceanic obstacles, allowing you to quickly adjust your route for safety.

Outfit your vessel with some of the most sophisticated touchscreen radar, sonar, chartplotters, and multifunction displays on the market. Ensure the safety of your vessel and the success of your next excursion with the help of J-TEK Marine Electronics today.

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