About J-Tek Solutions

Our background isn’t exactly what you might expect. We come from an extensive 25 years of aviation navigation and electrical systems. Jack, the owner began as an aircraft electrician and avionics specialist in the United States Air Force during Desert Storm and after. This is where the foundation of what is J-TEK was built.

  • Troubleshoot the problem
  • Think through the solution
  • Fix the problem
  • Get it back in the air

While the military is the foundation, it is the elite world of corporate jet and VIP aviation that allowed us to hone our skills to provide quality craftsmanship that is world renowned. Our clients have come to expect (and know they’ll get) the kind of electrical work on their boat as we have provided for years in the aviation industry.

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We believe it doesn’t matter how big or small the job is, each is approached with the same core principles and dedication that we want associated with our name.

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