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Simrad is a recognized leader in the marine electronics industry, providing award winning marine solutions for more than 60 years. Simrad is born from the Simonsen Radio name, who along with other pioneers like Robertson, began converting surplus radios after World War II into commercial fishing radios. Simrad provides forward-thinking yet practically designed technology to help you make the most of your time on the water, whether you’re running a small recreational runabout, sport or commercial fishing vessel, cargo vessel, luxury cruiser or super yacht.

Simrad Fishfinder and Chartplotter Combos

Be a confident adventurer with world class Simrad fishfinding sonar and powerful navigation that experienced boaters rely on. Simrad chartplotters and fishfinders encompass a broad range of offerings. Multifunction displays combine chartplotter navigation with fish-finding sonar tech, providing powerful data for a flawless fishing excursion.

Fishfinders feature dedicated sonar displays, ideal for both amateur anglers and sport fishing pros. How will you deck out your vessel?

  • Cruise – for the Casual, Weekend Boaters. Cruise is ideal marine technology for bow riders and smaller center consoles, featuring built in GPS and CHIRP sonar with pre-loaded U.S. coastal charts. Choose from 5”, 7” or 9” display
  • GO Series - for Smaller Sport Boats and Day Boats. This chartplotter features built-in GPS, CHIRP and StructureScan® HD sonar. Touchscreen available in 5”, 7”, 9” or 12” display with easy viewing in bright sunlight. The GO Series provides fish finding capabilities with navigation to smaller powerboats
  • NSS EVO3 - for Cruisers, Sportfishing Pros and Powerboaters. This premium all-in-one fishfinder, chartplotter and multifunction display comes in screen sizes up to 16” with touchscreen or keyed entry operation. The NSS EVO3 features built-in GPS, CHIRP and StructureScan® HD sonar
  • NSO EVO2 - for Larger Powerboats and Sportfishing Vessels, the NSO EVO2 is decked out with the same features of the NSS EVO3 but tailored for larger cruisers and offshore fishing boats with displays up to 24”. Build a tailored system perfect for you with multi-display and connectivity options to expand your marine electronic system customized for you
  • NSO EVO3 - for Luxury Cruisers & Large Offshore Fishing Boats. The fully decked out NSO EVO3 features a modular multifunction display with large and in-charge 16”, 19”, and 24” sizes, making it an ideal solution for luxury powerboats

Simrad Sonar & Transducers: The Ultimate Fishfinding System

Simrad sonars and transducers provide the ultimate fish finding system with a variety of options to help you locate fish, view fish holding structures and the sea floor. Simrad offers the following sonar imaging solutions:

  • Active Imaging™ sonar – provides high level clarity for greater target separation and detail, making it easy to quickly identify fish holding structures such as weed beds, rock piles, ditches and drop offs from a greater distance
  • StructureScan® 3D – three dimensional imagery provides lifelike detail like an underwater camera, showing you a high resolution view to examine underwater terrain without venturing beneath the surface. Tilt and rotate with DownScan and SideScan for a panoramic, picture-like view of submerged structures
  • ForwardScan® Sonar – stay aware when piloting poorly chartered waters with a two dimensional view of the bottom in front of your boat. See what’s ahead to safely navigate with color coded representations of shallow, medium and deep water
  • CHIRP Sonar - CHIRP sonar provides both structural detail and individual fish targeting. Continuously sweeping through a range of frequencies, as opposed to limited, single-frequency sonar, CHIRP delivers imagery with substantially less noise and greater target separation. This allows you to delineate closely-spaced fish and even individual baitfish. Learn more about low, medium, high, and dual-channel CHIRP transducers from J-TEK Marine Electronics
  • Simrad Broadband Sonar – Dual-frequency for improved detection, Simrad broadband sonar is an ideal solution for tracking depth and identifying both bait and predator fish in the water column just beneath your boat. The traditional side-on echosounder view of broadband sonar showcases fish arches as schools pass through the downward facing sonar beam

Simrod offers more sonar solutions that you can shake a rod at. Let J-TEK Marine Electronics help you choose the right equipment for you, depending on how and where you fish.

Simrad Radar: Get the Full Picture

Simrad radars enhance safety and ensure success in a variety of situations and environments. Keep an eye on approaching storms, easily navigate crowded waters and detect flocks of feeding birds and fish. Award winning radar solutions include Halo Radar technology, which provides cutting-edge long and short detection capabilities with minimal clutter and precise target definition up to 72 nautical miles. Compact and cost-effective broadband 4G dome-style radars are ideal for smaller, faster vessels with limited top space, providing range up to 24 nautical miles.

Simrad Autopilots: Go Farther

Tried and trusted, Simrad autopilot systems give you the freedom to enjoy your day on the water whether you’re an inexperienced hobbyist or time-tested sport or commercial fisher. Designed for integration with your multifunction display, the intuitive operation of Simrad autopilots keep you on-course, reducing fuel consumption and run times. Choose from prepackaged systems or design and install your own custom solution quickly and easily with Simrad’s array of modular components and J-TEK Marine Electronics.

Enjoy Free Software Updates

As always, Simrad offers FREE software updates, ensuring all customers have the latest features and advanced functionality.

J-TEK Marine Electronics offers knowledgeable and professional assistance with all your marine electronic solutions. We boost your confidence on the water with high quality products and experienced installation. Contact us to learn the benefits of outfitting your vessel with marine technology solutions from Simrad.