RetroFit Marine Electronics

Retrofitting an aging unit requires special skills as well as adaptable equipment in order to be able to marry technologies of different generations. Not every marine electronics installer is fully capable of retrofitting your electronics system, be it entertainment, navigation, or otherwise. Retrofits are not “plug and play” so to speak. There may be unseen wiring issues, compatibility between old and new components, or perhaps the new components straight-up don’t fit in the current space available.

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At J-TEK Marine, we have the know-how to troubleshoot the issue and determine the best solution to get you on the cutting edge of marine electronics. There are times when the electronics equipment that the vessel has is so aged or so broken, that it simply cannot be fixed. We aren’t just another “parts changer” trying to upsell you; if it can be fixed it will be, if not, we’ll be honest and tell you that it can’t, why it can’t and make a recommendation for a viable solution.

We’re not happy till you’re happy.