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Developing and manufacturing transducers for a diverse range of applicants, Airmar is synonymous with world-class acoustic sensing technology. Family-owned and operated since its inception in 1982, Airmar’s advanced products are built to withstand the harshest marine environment, reliably delivering data from aboveboard to full ocean depth.

A Comprehensive Suite of Sensor Solutions

No matter how you spend your time on the water, Airmar has you covered from leisure to sport fishing, sailing, and yachting. Providing some of the industry’s most advanced, sensitive, rugged instruments, Airmar products stand up to years of use on the water and are relied upon in every sector from personal watercraft to competition, commercial, research, and science, as well as government and military vessels.

Leading the Way in Fishing Technology: Airmar CHIRP-Ready Transducers

Providing the most advanced fishing technology on the market, Airmar CHIRP-ready transducers offer solutions for sport and commercial fishing in both fresh and saltwater environments. Unlike traditional fishfinders, which operate at discrete frequencies using a narrow band and short duration transmission pulses, CHIRP (compressed high-intensity radar pulse) transducers deliver superior precision. Using a precise sweeping pattern and longer duration transmission pulses aided by a broadband transducer, Chirp-ready transducers emit 10-1,000-times more sound energy than those of traditional fishfinders, allowing for the easy identification of fish species at previously unimaginable depths, even at high speeds. Translating echo energy via DSP (digital signal processing), findings are displayed in superior detail, defining gamefish and baitfish and helping you differentiate halocline/thermocline bottom structures and wrecks to ensure results on every fishing mission. 

Plug & Play: NMEA 2000® Compatible Smart™ Sensor Transducers

Navigate with confidence with Airmar’s latest addition, NMEA 2000® compatible Smart™ Sensor transducers. Designed for use with integrated marine electronics systems, track depth, speed, temperature, and more anywhere aboard your vessel. Using advanced technology, embedded microelectronics process signals within the sensor for display on any NMEA 2000® compatible device.

Choose from popular transom-mount, in-hull, and through-hull applications. Plug-and-play, simply running a cable from your transducer to your vessel’s NMEA 2000 network backbone cable. Transducers self-configure, quickly generating an IP address and identifying themselves to your NMEA 2000 network. 

Eye in the Sky: Airmar’s Best-in-Class WeatherStation® Instruments

Don’t let the weather get you down. Save installation time, money, and repairs with Airmar WeatherStation instruments. Monitor rapid changes to weather and sea conditions that are critical to safety on the water. Providing real-time, site-specific weather information, Airmar’s WeatherStation all-in-one weather sensors integrate up to seven sensors in one compact unit, keeping you abreast of temperatures, humidity, dew point, wind chill, barometric pressure, apparent wind speed and direction, or true wind speed and direction with optional internal compass. Permanent or portable, IPX6 waterproof units remain unaffected by salt and dirt, birds, and bearing wear typically suffered by mechanical anemometers. Integrate with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod for convenient WeatherCaster functionality in the palm of your hands.

Overwhelmed by the number of transducers on the market? Find the right fit for your application with the help of J-TEK Marine today. An Airmar Certified Installer (ACI), all qualifying J-TEK-installed Airmar transducer products are backed by an exclusive, extended 3-year warranty. Contact J-TEK Marine to learn more today.