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Rock the Boat with Fusion Marine Audio Technology

Set the scene for an amazing day on the water with a Fusion marine sound system. Forget about rusting, deteriorating components built for the cozy confines of a car, or straining to hear your audio system over wind, waves, and motors. Rock the boat with a serious Fusion sound system upgrade and never again let a poor audio entertainment system sink a day on the water.

Fusion: The Latest in Marine Stereo Technology

All Fusion waterproof stereo units are built for the rigors of the marine environment, withstanding water, salt, fog, UV exposure, vibration, and climate extremes. Up your technology game with the Fusion Apollo MS-RA770, world’s first Wi-Fi touchscreen marine entertainment system; indulge in the flexibility of Fusion PartyBus technology, adding multiple zones to your vessel; gain economical access to digital media streaming with the Fusion MS-RA70Ni; or replace your entire outdated in-cabin radio system with the Fusion All-in-One Panel Stereo with built-in speakers, bass radiators, amplification, and digital signal processing. Fusion offers an abundance of stereos well-suited for a day at sea.

Take the Plunge: Fusion Speakers

Suffering abuse from moisture, weather, and passengers, most factory speakers fail to deliver, emitting muffled, poor quality sound that can be difficult to decipher over marine background noise. Featuring True-Marine™ protection, Fusion speakers are fully-sealed, and unlike the paper cones of automotive speakers, made of specialty woven polypropylene composite offering enhanced protection against the harsh marine environment. Built to withstand marine extremes and abuse from your ‘crew,’ Fusion waterproof speakers deliver unparalleled sound definition, ensuring a day on the water that’s pleasing to the ears as well as the eyes. Perfectly outfit your boat with Fusion’s wide range of speaker options, choosing from Fusion Signature Series 6.5″ and 7.7″ speakers, as well as 2-way, box speaker, and all-in-one speaker solutions.

Go Big or Go Home: Subwoofers

Add bass that booms with Fusion’s 10-inch marine subwoofers in classic, white, and chrome grille designs, setting the mood with your choice of Sparkling White or Striking Blue LED lighting. Signature Series subwoofers engineered with True-Marine design deliver impressive 450-watts of peak power, and feature a high-tensile fiberglass-paper composite cone that is IP65 water-resistant for lasting durability on the water. The perfect blend of mechanical and acoustical design brilliance, energize your audio experience with premium low frequency sound that produces wave-rippling bass for a truly memorable entertainment experience.

Get the Boost You Need: Amplifiers

Leave muted, tinny and distorted systems in your wake, bringing your audio entertainment to new peaks with the addition of a Fusion amplifier. Choose from 2, 4, 5, and 6-channel boat-friendly additions, as well as those capable of powering a true multi-zone system experience.

Wired or Wireless Remote Operation

Enjoy easy wireless remote control navigation, downloading the free Fusion-Link Bluetooth app for Apple or Android, pair your system with a compatible Garmin smartwatch, MS-NRX200i remote control, or NMEA 2000 compatible multi-function display, or control from the helm of your vessel with the feature-packed MS-NRX300 NMEA 2000-Certified wired remote control.

Is your vessel wired for sound? Build a waterproof sound system that will stand up to any marine adventure with the help of J-TEK Marine today.

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