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Garmin Marine Electronics Improve Your Boating Experience

Garmin marine electronics improve your boating experience with superior design, reliable and easy to use electronics, delivering an unbeatable value. Garmin offers an expansive range of high quality, marine electronic products to satisfy the serious cruisers, sail racers, sailors and fisherman. Multiple product lines of chartplotters, fishfinders, transducers, sonar black boxes and more provide high tech marine electronics which improve and simplify your boating experience at the same time.

Flawless integration of all Garmin marine products help you outfit your vessel based on your budget and needs for a fantastic user experience. You can build your marine system with NMEA 2000 networking and the Garmin marine network, allowing you to customize your entire marine electronics suite including cameras, autopilots, forward looking sonar and instruments, available across multiple shared screens and all controlled from your chartplotter.

Garmin Marine Chartplotters: Set Your Course

Garmin marine chartplotters are intuitive, with simple menu options and everything you need right at your fingertips. Get on board with better navigation, built in sonar capabilities and high-tech marine electronics you can count on. Quickly set your course and plan your route with an abundance of customization possibilities.

Garmin offers a wide selection of chartplotters from a 4” display all the way up to 24”, with WiFi connectivity, radar capability, NMEA 2000 compatible, coastal, inland, Canadian and Worldwide maps. Polarized glass friendly means you can clearly see your chartplotter even in bright sunlight or through polarized sunglasses. Most echoMAP™ and GPSMAP® chartplotters offer built-in sonar capabilities with CHIRP, Garmin ClearVü™, SideVü™ and advanced HD-ID™ sonar.

Garmin Marine High-Tech Electronic Solutions

Garmin marine provides the clearest images on the water with high-tech marine electronic solutions such as:

  • CHIRP – this widely recognized acronym stands for Compressed High-Intensity Radiated Pulse and offers the most sophisticated sonar technology available in the boating and fishing industry. This one-of-a-kind wireless, geocaching beacon differs from standard sonar by sending a continuous sweep of low to high frequencies, rather than the standard one frequency at a time. This provides amazing, never before seen underwater detail with illuminated roadbeds, submerged bridges, ledges and more with clear, high resolution images.
  • BlueChart g3 – industry leading coastal chart coverage with detail and clarity integrated with Navionics and Garmin data. Auto Guidance technology calculates your route and provides suggested paths with your overhead clearance and desired depth.
  • echoMAP Plus series – enjoy the next generation of sonar and chartplotter combo units for boaters, saltwater or inland anglers. The echoMAP Plus series expands upon the success of the echoMAP CHIRP, with preloaded maps and charts, powerful sonar and built-in WiFi allowing easy access to the Garmin ActiveCaptain marine app.
  • Panoptix™ Live – all seeing sonar which provides a real time, three dimension view of fish swimming nearby and around your boat. Panoptix™ allows you to see fish swimming around and under your boat, to and from your lure and to monitor reactions to bait in live action.
  • Garmin’s exclusive OneHelm™ - allows convenient system coordination of many third-party manufactured products, bringing full control of various systems such as lighting, stabilization and digital switching all to your chartplotter screen.

Garmin marine technology makes the difference in winning fishing tournaments, cashing a check or going home with nothing but fish stories. Garmin offers the high-tech marine electronic solutions that serious boaters rely on, improving your safety, communications, navigation and overall success on the water.

Garmin Fishfinders: Fast Track to Fishing Success

Garmin fishfinders do so much more than show you the fish with features not found in other fishfinders. Garmin STRIKER™ fishfinders come with built-in, high-sensitivity GPS so you can always see your current position as well as marked waypoints. With the ability to mark desired locations along the way, you can easily return to your favorite fishing spot and quickly navigate back to the boat ramp.

Garmin marine offers industry leading CHIRP sonar and scanning technology with simple, user friendly operation. Choose from the STRIKER™Series, the STRIKER™ Plus and Portable options.

  • Garmin STRIKER™ - 3.5” color fishfinder with GPS, waypoint marking ability and convenient, simple operation. Includes CHIRP sonar with the ability to upgrade to high performance CHIRP for crystal clear resolution to deeper depths
  • STRIKER™ Plus – choose from 4”, 5”, 7” or 9” GPS fishfinder with CHIRP sonar, waypoint marking and boat speed display. Quickdraw™ Contours mapping software allows creating and storing 1’ contour maps covering up to 2 million acres, save or share your maps with the Quickdraw™ community. Rugged design and easy viewing in bright sunlight deliver a more fulfilling fishing experience
  • Portable Fishfinders – take your fishfinder on board any boat including canoes and kayaks with a suction cup transducer mount and rigid handle built for durability. Gain flexibility without losing performance with echoMAP™ and CHIRP sonar, a smart charger and rechargeable battery

Consider additional options such as LakeVü HD, protective covers and tilt/swivel mount. Whatever you’re fishing for, J-TEK Marine Electronics can help you choose the Garmin marine fishfinder you’ll come to love and rely on just like a trusted fishing buddy.

Garmin Marine Transducers: Find the Perfect Pairing

Garmin marine transducers are world renowned with high-tech boating and fishing technology, including ClearVü, LakeVü, SideVü, Panoptix™ and more. It’s important to match your transducer to your products and needs for optimal, peak performance. J-TEK Marine Electronics offers professional, customized assistance in selecting the best transducer/sonar options for your vessel.

Garmin Marine Autopilots: Steady as She Goes

The Garmin marine GHP Reactor™ autopilot series is designed with a solid state, 9-axis Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) to keep you on course even if your boat is rolling and pitching in rough water. Garmin marine autopilot technology minimizes rudder movement, power consumption, heading error and course deviation for a more comfortable ride. Boaters have confidence in maintaining control even when utilizing autopilot with the Garmin patented Shadow Drive technology.

With flexible installation options and minimal calibration required, Garmin has an autopilot system for every boater’s needs and budget. J-TEK Marine Electronics will help you choose the right system to meet your needs and provide experienced, professional installation.

Garmin Radar: Keep Safety in Your Sights

Garmin marine offers Radome and Open Array radars with high definition antennas which provide higher resolution images and better target separation.

GMR™ 18 xHD Radome - this 18” dome radar delivers higher resolution than previous generation radars with New Dynamic Sea Filter and Dynamic Auto Gain which provide high performance in varying conditions by continually adjusting to your surroundings. Enjoy a split screen display of views close and far away with dual operation. This radar provides high performance, flexible installation and optional “no transmit zone”.

GMR™ 626 xHD2 - this 6-foot Open Array Radar with 6 kW of Power is the first step up from the 4-foot antenna. The 6-foot antenna provides increased resolution and more detailed images with high-sensitivity that performs even in foggy, rainy or no visibility conditions. With excellent range up to 72 nautical miles, the xHD2 is designed for larger sport fishing boats or yachts over 50-feet. The Garmin high definition open array radar is the best way to future proof your marine electronic network.

Garmin Sonar Black Boxes: Simple Yet Powerful

Garmin sonar black boxes include the high level of technology you come to expect from Garmin marine products. Garmin sonar modules are easy to use and understand. Most chartplotters come as combo units with built-in sonar or provide the ability to add CHIRP, DownVü™ and SideVü™ sonar scanning for the clearest images on the water.

Garmin Marine Radios: Key to Communication

Garmin enhances the safety of boaters worldwide with Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and VHF marine radios for reliable communications. All Garmin marine radios include Digital Selective Calling (DSC), enabling you to send/receive private and general calls to keep in contact with the shore and other area boats. Most importantly, they provide digital emergency messages using stored Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) numbers, speeding access to emergency services during high-stakes rescue situations.

Garmin Marine Cameras: Fun & Functional

Garmin marine cameras provide fun and functionality, allowing you to capture the excitement of a day at sea and even play it back in video on your chartplotter. Keep an eye on all areas of your boat for added security and protect your investment when maneuvering in a crowded marina. Garmin offers a camera option for any size of boat with Analog, Wireless, Ultra HD action and more, above or below deck.

J-TEK Marine Electronics offers decades of experience in high-tech electronic installation, repairs and retrofits. We provide professional installation of marine electronics which improve yet simplify your boating experience. Contact us to enjoy spending more time on the water with Garmin marine solutions.

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