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Furuno is synonymous with quality and excellence in marine electronics, recognized as a trusted source of seaworthy equipment. Furuno provides nothing short of excellence since 1971, with over 220 NMEA awards such as the best Fishfinder in the industry for 41 consecutive years. Everyone from weekend boaters to commercial captains rely on Furuno marine electronic equipment such as multi-function displays (MFD), chartplotters, fishfinders, sonar, radar and autopilot technology.

Furuno NavNet Multi-Function Displays: Get there Faster

Furuno NavNet MFDs include a wide selection of 9” to 19” displays and TZtouch screens equipped with powerful TimeZero™ technology, because nothing is faster than TimeZero. Enjoy control at your fingertips with touch screen convenience allowing you to tap, pinch, swipe, scroll and zoom in or out with a fast, smooth and seamless graphics engine delivering no redraw as you go. Navigate in a full 3D environment for true perspective and a wider view area around the ship.

An anti-reflective glass coating and LED backlighting provide remarkable brightness and clarity for high visibility in any lighting condition. NavNet MFDs come preloaded with MapMedia’s NOAA raster and vector-based charts for U.S., Gulf, Alaska and Hawaiian coasts, as well as fast access to free satellite photos, weather forecasts, and fishing bathymetric charts.

NavNet multi-function displays are waterproof and designed for use in rugged marine environments. Furuno’s TZtouch features a multifunction display, W/3M LAN cable, GPS/WAAS receiver, ultra-high definition (UHD) radar and optional Network Fish Finder.

Build a navigation suite that meets all your needs with custom configuration of a wide variety of sensors. True plug and play compatibility combined with cosmetically matched peripherals make NavNet the choice of seafarers who demand both form and functionality.

Love smart technology? Download the TZtouch app for convenient remote operation via your smartphone or tablet using NavNet’s cutting-edge, Wi-Fi features.

Furuno Chartplotters: Navigate with Confidence

Furuno is known for developing the world’s fist video plotter in 1979 and has continued to bring technological marvels to the helm with GPS Chartplotters. Captains navigate with confidence everything from sail boats, work boats, super yachts and cruise ships with Furuno chartplotters available for any situation and size of vessel. Chart your course, plan your voyage and save your routes as well as waypoints along the way for important return navigation.

View current and tidal forecasts to easily identify the safest path with depth shading to navigate through shallow waters. Custom design preset depths in the color of your choice and adjust transparency levels to keep integral chart data in sight. Mapmedia vector and raster-based NOAA charts utilize cutting-edge algorithms and high-res image processing to create a beautiful fusion of digital charts and satellite photography, bringing you the detail and clarity necessary for safe navigation.

Furuno Fishfinders: The Finest Underwater Hunting in the Industry

Furuno fishfinders have been named the best in the industry by the NMEA for 41 consecutive years with revolutionary fishfinding technology. Furuno offers fully featured fishfinding technology for all fisherman whether recreational, sport or commercial fishing. Accu-Fish™ instantly identifies single or multiple fish with a size assessment function displayed on the screen as well as target depth.

Identify the sea floor with your fishfinder to know what the bottom consists of which is valuable for identifying your target species or where to drop anchor. Furuno’s Bottom Discrimination Function provides valuable information in either a probability graph or a graphical depiction. Easily locate rich fishing grounds and save your favorite spots with a tap to the screen to boost your catch of the day. Don’t go home with just a fish story, find the one that got away with a Furuno fishfinder.

Furuno Radar: The Benchmark in Radar Technology

The most important marine electronic equipment for safety on the water is your radar. Furuno radar sets the industry standard with the coveted NMEA award for the “Best Radar” for more than 30 years. Furuno is the most trusted name in radar whether looking for a compact, everyday 2.2kW unit or a 50kW luxurious or commercial grade radar. No matter the size or application, Furuno radars are built to safeguard your boating adventures packing a commercial-grade punch.

Improve detail and reduce clutter with RezBoost, available on select radar units to handle, and see through, anything Mother Nature can dish out. Easily identify hazardous targets with Furuno’s exclusive Target Analyzer, with echoes that dynamically change color from red to green as targets approach or move away from your vessel.

Enjoy fast target tracking via Doppler technology and rapid response to potentially dangerous situations with audible alarms and displayed target speed/course vector information. Improve your situational awareness and enhance safety on the water with Furuno radar marine electronic technology.

Furuno Sonar: Game-Changing Tech

Fisherman worldwide recognize Furuno sonar as providing the game-changing advantage whether searching for sardines or swordfish. Furuno ups the ante on your fishing game with award winning sonar tech in Searchlight and Scanning sonar styles.

  • Searchlight Sonar searches a wide area sequentially, with high frequency ultrasonic waves providing fast and comprehensive displays. Searchlight sonar tech uses narrow beam transmissions which requires slowing down for a clear view of surroundings
  • Scanning Sonar searches 360° around the ship with the ability to locate fish schools and even identify the speed and direction they’re headed. Choose from 180° or 360° display information

Furuno sonar is the choice of professionals to boost efficiency and productivity no matter how you outfit your vessel. Identify schools of fish, directional headings and avoid collision with the best sonar solution to meet your needs. Trawlers and purse seiners worldwide rely on Furuno sonar for the daily catch.

Furuno Auto-Pilots: Let Go, Kick Back and Relax

Furuno’s Fantum Feedback NAVpilot installations combined with unique and adaptive autopilot technology provide unmatched performance with simplified installation. A physical rudder feedback unit is no longer required with the newly developed time based rudder gain process. Enjoy precise course control at any speed from slow trolling to high speed cruising.

Safe Helm autopilot systems temporarily switch from NAVpilot to manual steering for a custom specified period of time, automatically switching back to autopilot steering after the time interval has elapsed. Power Assist provides speed-based, power assisted steering to alleviate physical effort from the helm in maneuvering situations. This helm activated assisted steering feature increases economy and reduces complexity.

Furuno’s self-learning and adaptive software continues to learn the steering characteristics of your vessel from the first dock-side setup through your last voyage. This makes NAVpilot more versatile to adjust your boat’s steering for draft, trim, wind effects and vessel speed.

J-TEK Marine Electronics helps even the most experienced captains stay up to date with the latest in marine technology advancements. We offer decades of experience combined with professional installation of the perfect marine electronic solution for your vessel. Reel-in the latest marine electronic technology with the help of J-TEK Marine and Furuno today.