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Lumitec: Enter a New Level of Illumination

Lumitec is a global market leader in providing high performance LED lighting solutions to extreme, environmental applications on land and at sea. Lumitec marine lights are found on the finest boats and yachts in the world, providing failsafe reliability. Realize the possibilities with the following marine lighting solutions:

  • LED Underwater Lights
  • Courtesy & Accent Lights
  • Dome & Down Lights
  • Flood & Spreader Lights
  • Compartment & Utility Lighting
  • Navigation Lights

Enhance your boat while improving visibility and safety. Enter a new level of illumination with Lumitec marine lighting solutions.

Lumitec LED Underwater Lights: Define the Landscape

Lumitec marine underwater lights define the landscape with high quality, reliability and performance. Lumitec offers a wide selection of underwater marine lights from mini-spectrum LED lights with 670 lumens to the SeaBlaze Typhoon with 10,000 lumens, the best value on the market for lumens per dollar. Various models of Lumitec’s underwater lights include:

  • SeaBlaze Typhoon Through-Hull Underwater Light
  • SeaBlazeX2 LED Underwater Light
  • Zambezi Mini Surface Mount Underwater Light
  • Zambezi Quattro Surface Mount Underwater Light
  • SeaBlaze Quattro LED Underwater Light
  • SeaBlaze Mini Spectrum LED Underwater Light
  • SeaBlaze Mini LED Underwater Light

All underwater marine lights are built using the highest in quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. Several options are available such as spectrum full-color RGBW or dual color white/blue. All Lumitec underwater lights are designed to consume less power, last longer and run cooler than other conventional LED underwater lights.

Lumitec Courtesy & Accent Lights: Accent the Exterior

Courtesy and accent marine lights by Lumitec enhance visibility and increase safety by illuminating the key areas and walkways of your boat. Lumitec’s courtesy lights provide the perfect, low-level cockpit accent lighting or exterior walkway lighting, with many models to choose from:

  • Lutra LED Livewell Light
  • Echo – Courtesy/Accent LED Light
  • Exuma – Courtesy/Accent LED Light
  • Newt – Courtesy/Accent LED Light
  • Aruba – Courtesy/Accent LED Light
  • Andros – Courtesy/Accent LED Light
  • Barbados – Courtesy/Accent LED Light

Lumitec’s courtesy and accent marine lights are available in many attractive styles from small, discreet lighting to robust, high-output lighting popular in industrial and military applications. Accent lights are available in red, blue or white lights with the Lutra LED Livewell light available in full color spectrum, all designed for 12vDC electrical systems.

Lumitec Dome & Down Lights: Functionality and Style

Lumitec’s dome and down marine lights are the perfect combination of functionality and style. Raise the bar with these beautiful, yet functional dome lighting options which are easy to install and provide thousands of hours of maintenance-free use:

  • Square Mirage LED Down Light
  • Positionable Mirage LED Down Light
  • Aurora Flush Mount LED Dome Light
  • Aurora Dome Light
  • Touch Dome LED Light
  • Mirage – Flush Mount LED Down Light
  • Shadow – Flush Mount LED Down Light
  • Orbit – Flush Mount LED Down Light
  • Halo – Flush Mount LED Down Light
  • Halo/Orbit Adapter Kit – Flush Mount Down Light

Lumitec’s marine dome and down lights are ideal for interior and exterior overhead boat lighting, with no moving parts to break and are completely sealed.

Lumitec Flood & Spreader Lights: Superior Output

Marine flood and spreader lights by Lumitec surpass all competition, with high quality, reliability and superior performance. With one of the widest selections of nearly two dozen types of flood and spreader lights you are sure to find the perfect illumination for your vessel and application. Enjoy thousands of hours of exceptional output and never worry about being left in the dark on the water.
Speak with J-TEK Marine Electronics, your professional marine electronics installer about the many installation options with light bars, flood lights and mounting options. Choose from these popular Lumitec flood lights:

  • Corsica Inset LED Flood Light
  • Contour Navigation-Docking Combination Light
  • Razor LED Light Bar
  • Perimeter LED Flood Light
  • Pinnacle LED Flood Light
  • Maxillume tr150 LED Flood Light
  • Semi-Recess Mount
  • Surface Mount
  • Trunnion Mount
  • CapriLT – Flush Mount LED Flood Light
  • Capri2 – Flush Mount LED Flood Light
  • Zephyr – LED Spreader Light
  • Octane – LED Wakeboard Tower Light

Lumitec offers these class-leading flood and spreader lights and others, designed with durable aluminum housings and no moving parts for long lasting, maintenance free lighting. Enjoy hours of superior lighting output and high visibility in any weather conditions.

Lumitec Compartment & Utility Lighting: Innovative, Compact

Compartment and utility lighting on vessels require compact lights designed for long lasting performance and safety. Lumitec provides compartment lighting solutions in places where conventional lighting would fail. Lumitec provides one of the widest selections of compartment lighting options with room lights, LED utility lighting, positional and flush mounted down lights.

The Moray Flex Light is the only strip light which directly connects to DC electrical system for dimming control and color output control with any standard on/off switch. Lumitec offers innovative marine compartment and utility lights designed for compact areas with safety and amazing light output.

Lumitec Navigation Lights: Coast Guard Approved

Lumitec offers several options of navigation lights for new installations or retrofits with surface mount, contour drop-in, contour inset and the LED anchor navigation light with the slimmest profile in the industry. All Lumitec navigation lights are U.S. Coast Guard approved for 2 nm on vessels up to 165 ft (50 m).

  • Surface Mount Composite Navigation Light
  • Contour Drop-in Navigation Light
  • Contour Inset Navigation Light
  • Contour Navigation-Docking Combination Light
  • Contour LED Anchor Navigation Light
  • Lumitec Navigation lights

Lumitec’s Contour line of navigation lights deliver seamless integration into arches, tops and pilothouses for quick and easy installation. Lumitec is light years ahead of the competition with modern, sleek, beautiful and functional marine lighting solutions.

Lumitec operates with the same core values as J-TEK Marine Electronics, dedicated to providing honesty, integrity and fairness. J-TEK Marine Electronics can help you choose the best marine lighting solution for your vessel, with decades of experience in aviation and marine electronic solutions. Contact us to learn how to achieve a new level of illumination with Lumitec marine lights.