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JL Audio has always recognized the value of music to the soul, providing amazing sound systems for more than 40 years. JL Audio marine audio products exceed high expectations for performance in harsh marine environments and are found in some of the finest boats in the world. With a JL Audio marine sound system, you will enjoy years of consistent audio performance for your total listening enjoyment.

Marine Environmental Testing: Salt, Sun, Fog – No Problem

Jamming to your favorite tunes while out on the water adds to the entire boating experience, as the music sets your mind free with every crashing wave. All that wave crashing can wreak havoc on any old speaker system. You can rely on all marine audio products from JL Audio to hold up in this type of environment. Experience the JL Audio difference with all high-quality components and unique environmental testing for longevity.

Engineering, assembly and environmental testing take place in JL Audio’s Miramar, Florida facility, one of the world’s most advanced loudspeaker assembly plants. This ensures consistent process control to meet high standards for materials and assembly specifications. All marine audio products are subjected to rigorous testing against the harsh marine environment with high-tech simulations of real-life marine electronic challenges such as water, moisture, UV exposure, salt, and fog.

Additional challenges to marine electronic sound systems include maintaining a consistent sound over the roar of the engine, wind and waves. You can’t go wrong with a JL Audio marine sound system, with quality and environmental longevity testing that far exceed industry standard requirements.

JL Audio Speakers: Catch the Wave

With JL Audio speakers, you can catch that wave without missing a beat. The M6 and M3 series of marine speakers are designed to withstand harsh temperatures and fluctuations in temperatures when hot compartments are splashed with cooler water as well as moisture and water exposure.

  • M3 Marine Speakers – High performance speakers with affordable options, all engineered with marine grade materials and subjected to rigorous testing. The M3 marine speaker product line includes various models with RBG (multi-color) illumination to customize your visual highlights with your audio preferences.
  • M6 Marine Speakers – Maximum performance speakers that raise the bar on marine audio performance, featuring new, brilliant lighting technology. M6 speakers are available in a variety of sizes and cosmetic options, designed for open-air boating environments.

All marine audio speakers are engineered with advanced technology to deliver crisp, clear and powerful audio in spite of the many obstacles of the marine environment. Speaker accessories and parts are available such as lighting controls, titanium and white sport grille covers.

JL Audio Subwoofers: All About the Bass

Everyone knows a great sound system is founded on a great bass system, this couldn’t be truer for marine audio systems. Subwoofers by JL Audio make it all about the bass whether docked at the marina or on the open seas, with protections against the elements. All materials in the JL Audio subwoofers including the cone, surround, basket, adhesive bonds and junction areas, undergo the same stringent testing as the speaker product line for high performance against UV rays, moisture and rapid temperature change.

  • M3 Marine Subwoofers – these high performance subwoofers deliver thumping bass sound at an affordable option for a great value.
  • M6 Marine Subwoofers – maximum performance subwoofers built with rugged suspension systems and long excursion capabilities to enhance the best marine sound systems.
  • M7 Marine Subwoofers – the extreme subwoofers designed with oversized components and immensely powerful motor systems. The M7 subwoofer is available with patented Transflective™ RGB lighting technology, in the Classic or Sport grille styles with a titanium, white or gunmetal finish.

Subwoofers are a vital part of any sound system by reproducing low frequencies, bass, and also improve the sound of your speakers by not taxing them to continually produce low frequencies.

JL Audio Amplifiers: Ramp it Up

Marine-grade amplifiers are engineered with strategic gasket covers to reject unwanted moisture and salt from the air, and feature the IPX6 waterproof rating for quality performance even when exposed to splashing water or spray from a hose.

  • MVi Marine Amplifiers – marine audio amplifiers for a new level of performance with complete digital signal processing (DSP). Enjoy JL Audio’s free software TüN™ for control with your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Recall presets with the push of a button. Combine with the MV subwoofer to ramp up the volume in any environment.
  • MHD Marine Amplifiers – enjoy big power from a small package. The MHD’s smaller dimensions still pack a punch with high electrical efficiency, reducing current draw from your boat’s batteries.
  • M-Series Marine Amplifiers – space conscience and affordable equal big value with these audio amps. The M-Series runs cooler and puts less strain you’re your boat’s electrical system than conventional amplifiers. Compact for easy installation tight spaces.
  • MX Amplifiers – ultra-efficient, weatherproof amplification with high-fidelity sound. Compact, cast-aluminum chassis with IPX7 water resistant rating allows installation where other amps wouldn’t cut it.

JL Audio offers high-performance marine audio solutions with a wide selection of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers that deliver an exceptional sound experience to any vessel. With your choice of source units that feature full color LCD displays with NMEA compatibility, achieving amazing sound on the water has never been easier.

Always speak with a certified marine electronics installer for assistance in choosing and installing the right sound system components for your vessel. JL Audio marine sound system solutions are a good choice for retrofits as most products easily accommodate existing space.

J-TEK Marine Electronics offers professional and experienced installation of your next great marine audio solution. Whether looking for a new installation or retrofitting your current vessel, we offer the expertise to install a sleek yet powerful sound system to stand up in any marine environment. Contact us to learn more about the marine sound system solutions from JL Audio.