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When it comes to seaworthy electronics, experienced boaters know you can’t just plug-in any old system – you need high-performance gear built to withstand the rigors of life on the water. A world leader in high-performance marine electronics, whether you’re fishing, sailing, cruising, or using your vessel commercially, Raymarine has you covered. With over 80-years in the industry, Raymarine’s reputation for innovation and its wide array of product offerings deliver boaters the best in marine navigation technology…

Transform Your Time on the Water: Raymarine Chartplotters

Navigate, monitor sensors and the safety of your vessel, and control entertainment with ease with the addition of Raymarine multifunction displays and chartplotters. Available in an array of sizes and configurations from ‘all-in-one’ displays to the massive screen size of the Axiom XL, choose from responsive touchscreen or keypad control, enjoying optimal performance and ease-of-use with the blazingly fast quad-core processing and the all-new LightHouse3 operating system. On the move? Access your Raymarine eS and gS multimedia chartplotter from your mobile device anywhere onboard via built-in Wi-Fi, streaming with Raymarine mobile apps and syncing with Navionics Boating. Engineered to expand with your vessel’s technology additions, Raymarine multifunction chartplotters pair perfectly with Raymarine’s extensive product lineup.

Snag More: Raymarine Fishfinders

Raymarine fishfinder sonar modules help you spend less time searching for fish and more time catching them. DownVision™, SideVision™ and new RealVision™3D technology deliver clear imagery, superior target separation, and reliable tracking from the surface and sides of our vessel to the sea bottom. Freshwater, inshore or off the coast, from hobbyists to serious anglers, Raymarine offer a wide variety of models. Choose from award-winning RVX1000 high-performance RealVision 3D sonar tech, tournament and angler-friendly CP570 and CP470 CHIRP sonar imagery with best-in-class target separation, the bank-to-bank views of CP200 CHIRP SideVision sonar, the affordable CP370 for coastal/offshore fishing, and freshwater-friendly CP100 models.

Let Go & Enjoy: Raymarine Autopilots

Raymarine’s autopilot experience, FLIR Systems’ R&D, and advanced aerospace guidance technology marry to create a new generation of autopilot control. With flexible installation possibilities and requiring no lengthy compass calibrations, Raymarine inboard and cockpit autopilots instantly perceive and calculate navigation needs, optimizing course settings for maximum performance and efficiency. Delivering unparalleled accuracy, Raymarine plug-and-play autopilot systems will get you where you’re going, staying on-course no matter sea condition or speed, saving fuel and getting you to your destination faster whether you’re fishing, cruising, or racing.

Safe Travels: Raymarine Radar

Raymarine open array and radome scanners make navigating any obstacle a breeze, from dense fog and rain to traffic, hazards and obstacles. Providing superb accuracy and amazing range and delivering imagery showcased in map-like detail, Raymarine offers a wide range of radar solutions, with options ranging from its original Quantum radar tech to high-sensitivity Magnum, and cutting-edge HD color and CHIRP Wi-Fi enabled systems. Feature-packed, Raymarine delivers…

  • Doppler target tracking in contrasting red/green for improved awareness.
  • Target true trails display for illustrating movement/direction.
  • AIS integration.
  • Stabilized PPI display for smooth, accurate plotting of radar contacts when maneuvering.
  • MARPA target tracking for collision prevention.
  • AutoGST picture adjustment for clearly readable imagery.
  • Radar overlay, allowing you to confirm the position of navigational aids and more easily interpret radar returns.
  • Timed transit/standby mode for crucial battery power savings.

Take-In Your Surroundings: Raymarine AIS Receivers

Raymarine AIS (Automatic Identification System) systems facilitate the wireless exchange of navigation information between seagoing vessels with AIS and coastal traffic monitoring centers. Properly configured, they can help owners become aware of unauthorized vessel travel. Raymarine offers affordable receiver-only systems, Class B transceiver models, and highly-intuitive Class A options to meet your needs.

Constant Contact: Raymarine VHF

From the compact Ray50 and the full-sized Ray60, to the multitasking all-in-one Ray70communications systems, Raymarine has a VHF solution for every vessel, providing clear, trouble-free transmission at sea.

Capture it All: Raymarine Cameras

Keep it all in your sights with Raymarine day and night marine cameras. Plug-and-play with your compatible Raymarine multifunction display, creating your ideal onboard video observation system with a wide variety of sizes and configurations for interior/exterior use, including bullet and dome-style models. Fumbling in the dark? Get a clearer view with Raymarine pan-and-tilt, adjustable tilt, and fixed mount thermal cameras and handheld monoculars.

What’s driving your day on the water? Take advantage of cutting-edge, reliable marine electronics from the time-tested industry leaders at Raymarine. Contact J-TEK Marine to learn more today.

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