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FLIR Thermal Night Vision Cameras: Safety on the Water

FLIR maritime thermal night vision cameras improve safety on the water when boating in total darkness or glaring sunlight. FLIR’s Advanced thermal imaging technology is used by militaries, first responders and professional mariners for surveillance, threat detection, collision avoidance and search and rescue missions worldwide.

Recreational boaters enhance safety while sailing, putting the sea at your command and removing limitations for a greater sense of freedom. FLIR’s thermal imaging cameras allow you to see clearly through total darkness and enhance safety during the day with clear vision through light fog, smoke and even solar glare.

FLIR Thermal Night Vision vs. Low Cost Night Vision: Night and Day

FLIR thermal night vision cameras use thermal imaging technology as opposed to conventional green night vision scopes, which rely on low-light to produce an image. The difference in low-cost night vision vs. thermal imaging technology when used in the maritime environment can be costly, risking successful search and rescue and collision avoidance.

Green night vision scopes use conventional low-light imaging technology, producing an image from small amounts of light. The maritime environment makes this exceptionally difficult with clusters of lights on shorelines, making it hard to see targets of interest. When night boating in total darkness, they may not perform at all.

FLIR’s thermal imaging camera technology outperforms conventional night vision cameras in the maritime environment with search and rescue missions and long range detection. Since everything emits thermal energy, you can see any object in good weather or bad, night or day, due to the slightest temperate contrast between the background and the object.

People cannot hide their heat, which makes thermal imaging the quickest way to identify a person in the water. With FLIR’s InstAlert™ color palette technology, you can highlight targets in red for faster and easier recovery.

Thermal Imaging: Full Throttle Ahead

Navigate safely through total darkness with enhanced situational awareness at full throttle. Thermal imaging provides the ability to avert floating debris, small boats and vessels riding anchor. Systems with radar and multifunction navigation make it even easier to identify targets.

FLIR’s thermal night vision cameras instantly reveal hazards like rocks, jetties and other vessels such as paddleboards, kayaks and small watercraft. Because thermal imaging uses heat instead of light, FLIR’s night vision cameras deliver the same detailed, high quality images day or night. Digital and optical zoom further enhance distant or smaller objects.

FLIR: See Clearly for Safer Sailing in Any Environment

FLIR offers a wide selection of marine thermal night vision cameras, with dozens of models to improve safety on any size vessel in any boating application. Enjoy enhanced clarity over other types of night vision cameras from the leading global provider of infrared technology, assisting public safety and law enforcement professionals worldwide. FLIR has a thermal cameral designed to meet the needs of any maritime application with various models of:

  • Fixed mount thermal cameras
  • Handheld thermal cameras
  • Marine thermal monitoring system

Fixed Mount Thermal Night Vision Cameras

Fixed mount thermal imaging cameras by FLIR give you confidence while sailing, improving safety on the water with quick identification of objects miles away. FLIR offers a dozen different fixed mount thermal cameras ideal for many applications including:

  • Recreational vessels up to 50-ft
  • Recreational vessels 51 – 100 ft
  • Yachts 100-ft and longer
  • Maritime first responders
  • Commercial vessels

All models in the M Series of fixed mount thermal night vision cameras use the same heat sensing technology to navigate quickly and safely. Thermal imaging technology provides reliable, precise, simple to use cameras whether sailing, fishing or exploring the sea.

The M132 compact, adjustable tilt camera is the most affordable and smallest marine thermal camera with 320 x 240 resolution. Additional models in the M-Series feature gyro stabilization, intelligent obstacle recognition, high definition, premium multi-sensor and ultra-high performance.

The M500 is FLIRS’s most technologically advanced pan and tilt camera in the M-Series, featuring LED spot-beam,14x optical thermal zoom and color HD 30x zoom. This premium long range thermal vision camera features a Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) thermal sensor with 640 x 512 pixels and a cryogenically cooled system.

Handheld Thermal Cameras

Handheld thermal imaging cameras are the best search and rescue tool on the water, allowing you to quickly find people in the water at night or in bright sunlight. You can easily navigate your distance from shore, docks or floating debris. FLIR offers the BHM X+ and Ocean Scout handheld thermal cameras with industry leading thermal sensing technology.

See clearly, navigate confidently and respond quickly in an emergency with features like color LCD display, SD card, RCA video output, tactical carry pouch and more. Additional features include interchangeable lenses which allow you to select 35mm, 65mm or 100mm to clearly see objects or vessels up to 5.5 mi (8.8 km).

FLIR Marine Thermal Monitoring System

The FLIR AX8 marine thermal monitoring system keeps an eye on your critical equipment such as shaft bearings, exhaust manifolds and your engine. The AX8 will identify any problems before you get stranded on the water. This thermal monitoring system integrates with Raymarine multifunction displays (MFDs) to send visual and audible alerts if a component’s temperature rises above preset thresholds.

The AX8 blends imagery from thermal and visible cameras, featuring FLIR’s MSX® imaging technology. Sail in confidence and safety with FLIR thermal night vision cameras and thermal monitoring system. Contact J-TEK Marine for guidance in choosing the right thermal night vision camera for your vessel and application.

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