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Intellian is recognized as a global leader in maritime satellite communications, setting the industry standard for critical connectivity at sea. Maintaining communications 24/7 no matter where you are in the world is more important now than ever before. Intellian offers a full range of communication antennas which provide easy operation and smooth, simplified installation.

Intellian: Stay Connected Anywhere in the World

Stay connected with confidence in Intellian’s innovative technical capabilities combined with their unique 3-year warranty on all product lines. Intellian’s maritime satellite communication products include:

  • Global Xpress – ready to use, ultra-high speed, global broadband service providing affordable connectivity for vessel operators. Enjoy outstanding connectivity offshore with the v100GX antenna system providing simple conversion from Ku to Ka as well as a modern design and construction. All GX satellite systems include the simple to understand Aptus dashboard for easy recording, logging and fine tuning for optimum performance.
  • Fleet Broadband – a sensible choice for compact, global communications, the FB150, FB250 and FB500 are first to receive ATC and Extended L-Band (XL) type approval from Immarsat for cost effective maritime communication via internet, phone or fax. These three models offer the data speed you require with the FB250 and FB500 including a built in WiFi access point for instant connectivity. Enjoy intuitive operation with a dedicated handset and backlit color LCD with an included SOS function for peace of mind.

Intellian: Tune in and Turn on Marine Satellite TV

Intellian offers the most technologically advanced, easy to use and dependable satellite TV systems available. Enjoy uninterrupted SD or HDTV viewing onboard in all sea conditions or while anchored in your favorite spot. Intellian satellite TV antennas are smaller, quieter and easier to install with fewer moving parts. All systems include Intellian’s 3-year global warranty.

i-Series – provides outstanding TV reception at sea in SD or HDTV with a compact and powerful 2-axis marine satellite TV antennas. Intellian’s i-Series TV antennas provide crystal clear viewing for any size of vessel from small 20 ft boats up to luxurious super yachts.

s-Series – for the DirecTV fans, take it with you offshore and enjoy uninterrupted DirecTV with WorldView capability. The s-Series marine satellite TV systems provide simultaneous reception o fall three DirecTV satellites. Enjoy all the comforts of home with DVR compatibility and HDTV reception. Keep all your guests happy with different viewing channels available on multiple receivers at the same time. Enjoy instant access with a dedicated iOS and Android mobile app.

t-Series – provides reliable, uninterrupted global satellite TV to large vessels, super yachts and commercial vessels with 3-axis, stabilized WorldView antennas. Enjoy TV reception anywhere in the world without touching the antenna. Simply select your desired satellite TV provider from the Global Satellite Library on your smartphone or tablet when moving from one region to another.

All marine satellite TV options from Intellian provide easy installation and operation backed by their unique 3-year warranty.

Intellian: Excellence in Communications, Convenience and Service

Intellian is strategically located in several major cities worldwide including Ft. Lauderdale, for highly responsive customer service. Intellian delivers award winning SatCom solutions including the v240MT, the first tri-band, multi-orbit antenna system in the world to future proof your vessel with high performance and cost effectiveness.

J-TEK Marine Electronics offers decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of all marine satellite communications and TV options. We provide consultation, retrofits, new installations, upgrades or repairs with sleek install and optimum functionality. Contact us to ensure your reliable connectivity at sea for improved safety and endless entertainment with marine electronic solutions from Intellian.