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KVH provides superior communications for superior vessels, with reliable marine satellite technology. KVH delivers high-speed internet, television, mobile voice and navigation solutions for users at sea whether on leisure boats, yachts, super yachts and commercial vessels. Cutting edge satellite communications delivers streaming fast connectivity anywhere, anytime.

KVH has cornered the sat com market with transformative technology such as the number one maritime VSAT broadband network, TracVision® satellite television and blazing fast LTE cellular data with TracPhone® satellite communications. KVH has grown to become the leading provider of end-to-end maritime sat com solutions with hardware, a global network, network security and affordable content delivery you can rely on.

KVH VSAT TracPhone®: Connections Matter

Stay connected with NMEA award-winning KVH VSAT solutions and TracPhone® for the most reliable and fastest connectivity at sea. Enjoy flexible and affordable month to month subscription plans with HTS and IP series airtime plans. The mini-VSAT solution delivers crystal clear voice services with the latest TracPhone® technology featuring Ku-band antenna and seamless worldwide area coverage. Choose from the budget friendly V3-IP, the V7-IP or V11-IP all with a 2-year parts and labor warranty and the KVH worldwide Certified Support Network.

Enjoy speeds as fast as 20 Mbps worldwide with 24/7 data communications and LTE solutions from the leading U.S. carriers. Do more with the internet whether docked or sailing the high seas with unmatched, premium connectivity for your guests and your yacht. J-TEK Marine Electronics offers commercial vessel solutions with KVH Inmarsat fleet options.

KVH TracVision®: Ultimate Viewing on Any Vessel

KVH TracVision® has won the NEMA Product Excellence Award for 22 consecutive years, from 1998 to 2019 and continues to provide excellent viewing options for any vessel. Enjoy HD satellite TV with sharp resolution, full DVR support and simultaneous broadcasts from three DirectTV satellites. Whether streaming movies or watching your favorite live TV shows or sporting events, KVH delivers wide geographic coverage no matter where your boating travels take you.

Enjoy all the viewing comforts of home with powerful satellite HDTV entertainment whether anchored or cruising the world in demanding sea conditions. KVH delivers sophisticated TV technology for any vessel from smaller boats and leisure yachts to super yachts, commercial and military vessels. KVH TracVision® HD11 provides HD worldwide coverage for larger yachts while the HD 7 is a great viewing solution for smaller boats and yachts which sail close to home in North, South and Central America.

KVH offers a wide array of TV viewing options to bring the shows you love on the water with user friendly, sophisticated viewing technology.

KVH Navigation: Improving Operations, Efficiency and Safety

Your network and data deserve the same protection on your yacht as at your home or business. With KVH award winning digital compass, you will enjoy precision navigation with unsurpassed accuracy and readability even in fast or rough water conditions. CHARTlink provides fast delivery of world charts, always ready and up to date with convenient options such as Pay as You Sail (PAYS) to travel anywhere without purchasing charts in advance.

FORECASTlink provides accurate weather data for local and long term conditions to understand the big picture. Stay informed with global-scale weather forecasts up to four times per day for smooth and safe cruising no matter where you are. Protect it all with cybersecurity and myKVH portal to track your vessel from anywhere, see how your data is being used and enable connections without exceeding your plan.

J-TEK Marine Electronics keeps you connected and entertained with KVH satellite communication solutions, from streaming movies to high-tech worldwide navigation you can count on. We help you enjoy the ultimate in entertainment and communications aboard and about your vessel anywhere, anytime. Contact us to step up your boating experience with the leader in marine satellite technology, KVH.