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KVH satellite logoA leading manufacturer of high-speed internet, television, and voice technology solutions for mobile users at sea, KVH delivers boaters cutting-edge, reliable satellite communications. KVH has cornered the market on sat com through its transformative technology, including its own mini-VSAT broadband network, TracVision satellite television systems, and TracPhone satellite communications.

The Leading Provider of In-Motion Sat Com: The mini-VSAT Broadband Network

In efforts to provide more reliable and affordable in-motion satellite internet and phone services to seagoing vessels across the globe, KVH launched its mini-VSAT broadband network in 2007 alongside its TracPhone V7 satellite communications system. Immediately popular, the trusted tech grew to become the market share leader just 5-years following its launch in 2012. The following year, KVH acquired U.K.’s Headland Media, followed by Videotel, forming KVH Media and IP-MobileCast services, enabling KVH to provide a complete end-to-end maritime sat com solution including hardware, global network, content, and content delivery. Debuting in 2015, its second-gen sat com service, mini-VSAT Broadband 2.0, now provides affordable, usage-based data plans to thousands of customers worldwide, making it the leading provider of in-motion sat com including phone and TV services, providing over 200,000 mobile satellite antennas for on-board applications in boats, aircraft, and automobiles.
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Stay Connected with KVH Sat Com Technology

  • Constantly Connected: KVH TracPhone
    KVH TracPhone satellite communications technology delivers crystal clear voice services and fast, affordable broadband to your vessel when paired with KVH marine VSAT for your boat or yacht. Ensure fast, reliable service with the latest TracPhone V7-HTS technology featuring Ku-band antenna, seamless worldwide area coverage and lightning fast speed including 10Mbps download and 3Mbps upload speed and unlimited data usage; or choose from the more moderate, metered services of the TracPhone V7-IP and V11-IP and budget-friendly TracPhone V3-IP. All systems offer 2-year parts and labor warranty and are fully-supported by KVH’s worldwide Certified Support Network. Commercial vessel? Contact J-TEK to find out more about KVH’s Inmarsat fleet options.
  • Just Like Home: TracVision Satellite Television Systems
    Whether you like watching your favorite series live or streaming movies and sports in HD, TracVision satellite television systems bring award-winning maritime TV services aboard your vessel, delivering crystal clear reception, high-performance tracking, and wide geographic coverage no matter where your boating travels take you. The leading provider of mobile satellite TV systems from pleasure boats to commercial and military vessels, KVH’s stabilized antenna technology delivers unmatched viewing performance. Choose from the TracVision HD11 for larger yachts and enjoy satellite TV coverage in high-definition worldwide, or the HD7 for smaller boats and yachts (30+feet) sticking closer to home in North, Central, and South America. KVH also offers an array of TracVision TV solutions for extended offshore cruising (TracVision TV8) to coastal cruising and sailing (TracVision TV1) and everything in-between.


Boring day on the water – not a chance! Enjoy the ultimate in entertainment and communications aboard and about your vessel with KVH sat com solutions. Step-up your boating experience with the help of J-TEK Marine today.

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