GAI2 – LED Positionable Light: Illuminate Your Boating Experience

Lumitec GAI2 LED Utility Light

Are you tired of squinting and straining to see in the dark? Brighten your boat with GAI2 – LED positionable marine utility lights from Lumitec. The small size and high output of Lumitec’s General Area Location (GAI) LEDs make them an excellent way to shed a little light on a variety of onboard tasks. Use GAI2 LED lights when navigating charts, to ensure trouble-free travels when traversing your deck, for task lighting in the galley, in entertainment spaces for reading and backlighting, and more.

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Enjoy Lighting Versatility with the GAI2 Positionable Marine Utility Light

The GAI2 is the industry’s best selling marine LED floodlight. LED lighting, such as Lumitec’s GAI2 technology, is superior in marine environments, using far less energy than halogens and incandescents, conserving battery life. Though bright and reflective, LEDs produce less heat, reducing fire risk. They provide a clear, strong light that is not harsh on the eyes, allowing for the installation of fewer lights compared to traditional lighting options.

Newly enhanced by Lumitec, the GAI2, the company’s latest rendition of the GAI light, has twice the output and an improved, more efficient optical system than its predecessors, making it perfect for a wide range of onboard applications. IP75 compliant, these marine utility lights are built to withstand the rigors of the marine environment, resisting water infiltration and dust.

Ensure More Durable Mounting with a GAI2 Light with Heavy-Duty Base

 For more rigorous conditions, this versatile light is also available switched or unswitched with a solid aluminum heavy-duty base. Like the standard GAI2, unswitched models are fully sealed with an IP75 rating, allowing for interior or exterior use.

A Variety of Options to Meet Your Vessel’s Décor & Lighting Needs

GAI2 LED lights offer 250 lumens of light output powered by a 2-wire control. The housing, which requires a 3/8” mounting hole, includes your choice of brushed metal or white housing, with white dimming, warm, red non-dimming, blue non-dimming, and spectrum output options available.

Add Fun & Functionality to Your Boat with Versatile GAI2 Marine Utility Lights

  • Add GAI2 chart lights in your navigation station.
  • Illuminate your deck for passenger safety.
  • Install dimmable lighting to make nighttime fishing tasks easier.
  • Integrate GAI2 task lighting in the salon or galley.
  • Incorporate into cabins and bunks, providing a great low-light option for reading.
  • Add a festive feel to entertainment spaces with red or blue non-dimming options.


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