Raymarine Q24D Quantum 2 Dome Radar

Radar / January 14, 2021 / tags: Raymarine,

Are you looking for a more effective way to track dangerous targets on the water? The Q24D Quantum 2 dome radar, the latest radar in the Raymarine lineup, features next-generation CHIRP pulse compression and Doppler collision avoidance technology, delivering superior target awareness at long and exceptionally short ranges. The advanced Doppler processing of the Q24D […]

Garmin GMR2526 Radar Pedestal with Array

Garmin GMR2526 Radar

Radar / January 12, 2021 / tags:

How quickly can you more quickly identify objects in your path on the water? The high-powered Garmin GMR™ 2526 xHD2 6-foot open array-radar features 25-kilowatts of power, allowing you to identify obstacles up close and at a significant distance, even at night and in foggy, limited or no visibility situations. The Garmin GMR2526 radar is […]

Furuno DRS4DNXT Solid-State NXT Doppler Radar

Radar / December 15, 2020 / tags: Furuno,

Which radar should you choose now that the Furuno DRS4D has been retired? Compatible with all three generations of Furuno TZtouch multifunction displays, the Furuno DRS4DNXT is the perfect alternative to the old DRS4D. The new Furuno NXT radar offers outstanding value, with a price tag that matches its predecessor and an even easier installation. […]

Furuno 1815 Radar

furuno marine electronics 1815 radar display

Radar / November 19, 2020 / tags: Furuno,

Ensure safety at sea with a Furuno 1815 compact 8.4-inch color LCD radar display. This Furuno radar offers a true color radar at an affordable price. This high-performance, compact, standalone radome antenna system is designed for workboats, small fishing boats, and pleasure crafts, featuring a high sensitivity radar that penetrates the darkness of night, stubborn […]

Furuno DRS4D-NXT Radar

Furuno Radar

Radar / September 10, 2020 / tags: Furuno,

Increase safety and improve situational awareness with the Furuno DRS4D-NXT radar. This next-generation, solid-state, Doppler radar system offers the performance of a larger radar in a smaller, more compact package. It features industry-leading technology, including pulse compression, Target Analyzer, and Fast Target Tracking. Simply turn it on and go. The DRS4D-NXT uses minimal energy, working […]