Fishing / February 24, 2016 / tags: Saltwater Fishing,

There are certain indispensable items that every angler should always bring along, even when fishing on someone else’s boat. You can’t count on your buddies, or charter boat crews for that matter, to always have everything. So here’s a list of essentials that help make the most of your day on the water and easily […]

10 Things You Need to Know About Lionfish


Fishing / February 3, 2016 / tags: Saltwater Fishing,

No question about it, lionfish are nasty little boogers, especially since they are an invasive predator and threaten the native marine species and habitats of our Florida waters. Here’s what you need to know to help protect our waters.

Tips For Catching a Cobia

Fishing / January 13, 2016 / tags: Saltwater Fishing,

Cobia, the “crab eaters”, are exhilarating to catch and tasty to eat. They are definitely one of Florida’s anglers’ favorites.

Successful Angler’s Tips To Fishing

Fishing / November 12, 2015 / tags: Saltwater Fishing,

Your fishfinder is showing a TON of fish, you know the big one is right there beneath your boat. You cast….you get a hit….this one is the BIG ONE…….your line is tight, he’s a fighter but you’re reeling him in……he’s like a 25 pound red fish, then he’s gone!! THE BIG ONE GOT AWAY…SERIOUSLY? What […]