SeaBlaze Quattro LED Underwater Light

Lumitec LED Underwater Thru-Hull Light

Get a clearer view of the waters beneath your boat with the SeaBlaze Quattro LED Underwater Light. The SeaBlaze Quattro LED underwater light from Lumitec pumps out an impressive 2000 lumens of light, delivering the highest lumens per dollar on the market for unmatched performance and value. Integrate one or more of these lights onto your vessel, using them to attract bugs, bait, and game fish, or simply to set the ambiance for your time on the water.

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Vivid & Bold Thru-Hull Underwater Lights

The SeaBlaze Quattro LED underwater light features Spectrum Technology – Lumitec's proprietary RGBW technology. This technology integrates red, green, blue, and white LED emitters into a single light. Various combinations of colors in the Quattro's light emitters produce nearly every possible color in the spectrum. Select your favorite shade, or improve visibility based on water conditions. Virtually limitless color options are available, allowing you to adjust to the perfect hue for any setting or activity:

  • Choose blue for general use.
  • Bring water to life with red tones.
  • Switch to white for shallow, sandy conditions.
  • Use green in particulate or silt-laden waters and inland waterways, or to draw fish to your boat.

Multifunctional & Energy Efficient

Blending the technology of the popular SeaBlaze3 and its bigger brother, the SeaBlaze X, the SeaBlaze Quattro series boasts state of the art technology and high-quality construction. These top-performing lights are designed to run cooler, consume less power, and last longer than other conventional LED underwater lighting technologies. They also featured advanced, multi-mode output and crossfading, transitioning smoothly through every hue in the color spectrum.

Easy Installation & Lasting Performance

The SeaBlaze Quattro thru-hull light installs easily on inboard and outboard vessels, offering optimal performance when placed 6 to 12 inches below the waterline. Its naval-grade bronze housing is the most durable of all marine-grade metals. Salt spray tested in Lumitec's ASTMS B117 Salt Spray chamber, the Quattro is designed to the highest construction standards, offering lasting performance in the rugged marine environment.

User-Friendly Design

Control your SeaBlaze Quattro with ease using Lumitec's proprietary TTP – Timed Toggle Protocol technology. Choose from an infinite selection of rich, vivid colors without the need for external controllers, remotes or awkward phone apps. Toggle the light's power switch off/on in sequence to dim lights, select a color, or move through light modes -no external controllers required.

Light up the night with a SeaBlaze Quattro LED underwater light from J-TEK Marine. Contact us to learn more about this affordable, high-performance underwater lighting solution today.