Raymarine EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot System

Hydraulic Autopilot System

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Do you find yourself wishing you could find a complete, ready to install autopilot system for your boat? The Raymarine EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot System has you covered. This plug-and-play autopilot-in-a-box is ready to float all your fishing and cruising adventures. This award-winning autopilot system is designed for small to medium-sized powerboats with hydraulic steering and engineered to eliminate the complicated setup and calibration headaches of typical autopilot systems.

A Marine Autopilot System That’s Easy to Setup and Install

  • Installs above or below deck
    Install the EV sensor core off the centerline, or even upside down, with no restrictions.
  • Adapts to your vessel’s steering with no user adjustments
    The intelligent 9-axis EV sensor core of the Raymarine EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot System automatically adapts to your boat’s steering characteristics, ensuring precision maneuvering whether you’re trolling, cruising, or running.
  • Keeps your boat on course no matter speed or sea conditions
    Featuring patented Hydro-Balance technology, the Raymarine EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot System automatically compensates for hydraulic system elasticity, steering asymmetry, and torque steer, making it an ideal solution for vessels with outboard motors and no rudder reference.
  • Precision tracking keeps you on-route, shortening transit times
    Evolution TrackIQ algorithms calculate pitch, roll, yaw, and heading, stabilizing GPS navigation, facilitating tighter tracking, and keeping you on the best possible course to waypoints and routes, getting your there faster, and using less fuel.
  • Built-in trolling patterns so you can focus on fishing
    Prep bait and set your lines while the Raymarine EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot System trolls the water.

The Complete Raymarine EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot System Includes: 

  • EV-1 Sensor Core
    Designed for use with Evolution hydraulic autopilot systems, SeaTalk networking in the EV-1 sensor core facilitates single cable connection of power and data to the Evolution ACU-150 actuator control unit, NMEA200, and other SeaTalk networks.
  • ACU-150 Actuator Control Unit
    The ACU-150 delivers power to the hydraulic pump and connects to the SeaTalk network facilitating communication to the other peripherals. NOTE: The ACU-150 works with 12-volt DC systems only. An optional Rudder Reference Unit (sold separately) is also available.
  • p70R/p70RS Autopilot Controller
    Configure your p70R/p70RS autopilot controller quickly and easily with the LightHouse user interface startup wizard. This intuitive interface displays features using simple menu structures to get you up and running in minutes. Engineered for power craft with push buttons and a rotary dial, direct 1- and 10-degree course changes with the push of a button or activate power steer mode and navigate directly from the p70R/p70RS. The autopilot controller features advanced LED backlighting, requiring minimal power. Vibrant, clearly contrasting backlighting ensures a clear view from every angle.
  • Hydraulic Pump
    A Type 1, 12-volt hydraulic pump for the EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot System operates the boat’s steering system. It is primarily designed for hydraulically steered vessels with a steering ram capacity between 4.9 and 14 cubic inches, featuring a precision gear pump and check valve driven by a servo motor.
  • Evolution Autopilot Cable & Fitting Kit
    All the power cables and connectors needed to get your Raymarine EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot System up and running are included with the kit. 

Get your Raymarine EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot System installed and get where you’re going faster. Ensure a more enjoyable experience on the water with the help of J-TEK Marine. Contact us for a quote on integrating EV-150 Hydraulic Autopilot System technology onto your vessel today.