What is Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling?

Ultrasonic Antifouling System

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Having your hull cleaned and painted sucks! You can’t avoid anti-fouling, it’s just part of owning a B.O.A.T (Bring Out Another Thousand)
But there is a way that you can have this done less often with excellent results.


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By the time your hull needs cleaned your hull is in a macro state of fouling. Anti-fouling paint helps prevent algae, the micro stage of fouling, from growing on your hull. But what if you could not just prevent the micro stage of fouling, but completely kill it so that your hull NEVER reaches the macro stages of fouling?

Ultrasonic anti-fouling was accidentally discovered by the US Navy in the 50’s during some sonar testing. They found that the area around the sonar transducers were much cleaner that the rest of the hull of the submarine.

Basically the ultrasonic anti-fouling system uses a small-scale acoustic cavitation to destroy, denature and discourage attachment of algae and other single-celled organisms. This is the micro stage of the fouling sequence. When the food source for the barnacles and mussels is prevented from growing on the hull of your boat, the barnacles and mussels won’t attach to feed.

The time between haul out intervals is significantly increased because the life of your hard bottom paint is extended 6-8 years! This will save you thousands of dollars almost immediately.
An ultrasonic anti-fouling system is not limited to boat hulls:

  • Commercial Pool cleaning- Reduces the chemicals needed to prevent an algae bloom
  • Heat exchanger protection-Lengthens the operation cycle
  • Seachest / water intakes
  • Fuel tank protection- Stops algae growth
  • Protection of offshore structures (such as wind farms, oil & gas installations etc.)