KVH TracVision UHD7 – Ultra-High-Definition Entertainment at Sea

KVH TracVision HD7

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The high-performance 24-inch KVH TracVision UHD7 antenna delivers superior ultra-high-definition (UHD) satellite TV entertainment at sea. Perfect for use with DIRECTV, and featuring built-in support for DISH Network and Bell TV, this award-winning, next-generation antenna simultaneously tracks three DIRECTV satellites, providing an impeccable at-home viewing experience anywhere on the water.

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Easy Setup, Flawless Reception

Enjoy local channels and DVR support on the water with industry-leading TracVision UHD7 antenna technology. KVH’s advanced multi-satellite TriAD technology utilizes superior stabilization tracking, delivering flawless HD and 4K reception, even in rough seas. This two-cable system installs quickly, supporting up to 26 satellite tuners out of the box. Take advantage of world-class warranty coverage and support, with in-house account creation, activation, and troubleshooting for your DIRECTV setup from KVH.

NOTE: The availability of 4K programming may vary based on service area, receiver model, and TV compatibility.

Exclusive UHD TV Technology

The KVH TracVision UHD7 provides the latest technology in stabilized satellite TV tracking, featuring:

  • Patented TriAD tech for uninterrupted viewing
    The KVH TracVision UHD7 antenna receives broadcasts from three different DIRECTV satellites. This constant receipt of program data allows any TV on board to tune in to any channel, at any time without freezing, rebooting, or performing lengthy satellite searches.
  • Digital single wire multi-switch (SWM) for multiple users
    The UHD7 supports up to 26 satellite TV tuners, with the option to expand up to 104, allowing everyone on your ship to enjoy their favorite programming.
  • Global coverage for optimal performance
    Watch virtually any high-powered regional TV service anywhere your travels take you around the globe.
  • Convenient TracVision App installation
    The KVH TracVision App makes setup a snap, providing installation assistance, software updates and downloads, verifying signal strength, switching satellites, and more.
  • Easy operation via the TracVision TV-Hub
    Featuring a built-in Wi-Fi interface, control of the system is easy using any Wi-Fi enabled device. Operate the system, checking signal strength and more right from your phone. This compact, lightweight, durable unit is simple to use, with automatic satellite switching and fast satellite acquisition speeds, allowing you to quickly access premium programming and local channels worldwide.

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Let the pros at J-TEK Marine help you select the TracVision UHD7 system  best suited to your DIRECTV, DISH, or Bell TV satellite needs. Answer just a few simple questions, and we can put together the ideal UHD7 system to ensure crystal clear, uninterrupted TV reception on the water. Contact J -TEK Marine to learn more today.