Fusion SG-DA61500 Marine Amplifier

Fusion Marine Amplifier

Marine Stereos / May 10, 2021 / tags: Fusion,

Create the ultimate marine audio entertainment experience with the Fusion SG-DA61500 marine amplifier. Designed by musicians and engineered by recreational boating enthusiasts, the Fusion Signature Series SG-DA61500 6-channel marine amplifier delivers performance you’ve never before experienced. The Fusion SG-DA61500 marine amplifier delivers unsurpassed acoustic performance, using cutting edge engineering and only the finest materials for a truly immersive musical experience.

Power-Packed Performance

The Fusion SG-DA61500 is the first 6-channel, Class-D, Hi-Fi marine amplifier in the Fusion Audio lineup. The SG-DA61500’s sleek design houses 1500 watts of efficient, powerful performance for up to 6 pairs of speakers at 2 ohms, or 4 pairs of speakers at 2 ohms with 1 subwoofer (2 x 4 ohm speakers per channel in parallel). Class-D speakers draw minimal current, putting less strain on the battery compared to Class-AB amplifiers so that you can take advantage of worry-free audio performance on the water all day long. With RCA line-level inputs, connection is a snap, whether working with new or existing systems.

Cool as a (Sea) Cucumber

The chassis of the Fusion SG-DA61500 marine amplifier functions as a heat sink. Featuring a rigid aluminum alloy and a precisely calculated fin layout to increase surface area and improve heat dissipation, reducing core temperature and increasing efficiency, with the SG-DA61500, you can enjoy lively, pulsing music with no worries about overheating the system.

Marine Grade Construction 

Built for life on the water, the True Marine-rated design of the Fusion SG-DA61500 features some of the most impressive environmental protection in the industry. The stunning, sleek, mirrored stainless steel control panel cover resists corrosion, concealing and protecting interior components like cable connections and setting controls while providing an attractive finish to complement any installation. Conformal coated printed circuit boards ensure maximum lifespan in the rugged marine environment. Subject to rigorous testing, the Fusion Signature Series SG-DA61500 offers a 3-year limited warranty.

Multi-Zone Control 

Like other Fusion audio components, the Fusion SG-DA61500 marine amplifier uses the same entertainment system zone setup, labeling input and output connections as zones. Create two to four independent zones, listening to your favorite tunes at varying volume levels throughout your vessel for a more personalized, satisfying entertainment experience from the upper deck to the dining cabin.

Enjoy the standout looks and performance of the Fusion SG-DA61500 marine amplifier. Request an estimate from Fusion certified reseller and installer J-TEK Marine today.