Furuno 1815 Radar

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Ensure safety at sea with a Furuno 1815 compact 8.4-inch color LCD radar display. This Furuno radar offers a true color radar at an affordable price. This high-performance, compact, standalone radome antenna system is designed for workboats, small fishing boats, and pleasure crafts, featuring a high sensitivity radar that penetrates the darkness of night, stubborn fog, and heavy storms. It targets at short ranges, using narrow pulses and dual-IF bandwidths to deliver detailed pictures of nearby land masses, vessels, buoys, and objects on the surface of the water.

The Furuno 1815 Radar Offers Advanced Features for Detecting & Ranging Targets 

The high visibility display of the Furuno 1815 delivers clear images of objects surrounding your vessel at a glance using the latest radar technology:

  • Fast Target Tracking
    Manually or automatically track up to 10 targets, accessing speed and course vector in just seconds, ensuring safety surrounding potential obstacles.
  • True Trail Mode
    See moving objects with a graduated trail in True Trail mode, quickly assessing the trajectory of nearby vessels.
  • True View Mode
    Enjoy consistent echoes even through turns, reading images on your display easily with True Motion mode.
  • AIS Display
    Connect your Furuno FA-30/50 AIS unit (sold separately) and track the speed and heading of up to 100 AIS targets, displaying them on your radar screen. AIS dramatically improves safety, sharing the status and position of your boat with others nearby.

Take Advantage of the Furuno 1815’s Flexible, Budget-Friendly Installation Options

This Furuno radar system offers three mounting options to meet your needs. Flush mount your radar, drilling a simple, 5-inch hole, or enjoy the added flexibility of overhead mounts. Prefer a desktop installation? The 1815 radar system features a gimbal mount with a swivel mounting bracket so you can easily adjust the angle of the display unit to improve viewing comfort. It offers a waterproof display for exposed installations, using relatively little power (max 38 W) via its 4kW transmitter. Power up to three Furuno 1815 radar displays with a single dome using your ethernet hub – no need to install individual antenna units – monitoring your radar from multiple places on your vessel.

Intuitive Operation for On-Demand Performance

The easy to use, intuitive controls of the Furuno 1815 radar let you choose your display color scheme based on the time of day or weather, ensuring imagery is easily viewed, whether navigating in darkness or bright sunlight. Fully automatic gain with advanced auto-adjust settings for rain and sea clutter simplifies use, eliminating unnecessary echoes, and providing a clear image with every sweep of the antenna. Expand the length and width of targets up to 2x magnification in Zoom mode. Or keep your vessel in sight using Off Center mode, shifting your vessel’s location on the display to a pre-determined point on the screen so you can focus on the area ahead of or around your boat without losing track of your position.

Don’t fly blind. Ensure safety, simplify navigation, and maximize your time on the water with a Furuno 1815 radar from J-TEK Marine. Contact us to learn more about this high-tech yet budget-friendly system today.