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Increase safety and improve situational awareness with the Furuno DRS4D-NXT radar. This next-generation, solid-state, Doppler radar system offers the performance of a larger radar in a smaller, more compact package. It features industry-leading technology, including pulse compression, Target Analyzer, and Fast Target Tracking. Simply turn it on and go. The DRS4D-NXT uses minimal energy, working without a magnetron, and requiring no preheating.

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Identify Hazardous Targets Instantly

This Furuno radar greatly simplifies tracking, working independently of boat speed. It is the first in the world to incorporate Furuno’s exclusive Target Analyzer function. Watch as targets dynamically change color as nearby vessels adjust course:

  • Green targets denote ships moving away from your boat or remaining stationary.
  • Red targets indicate ships moving toward your vessel.

Manually select and track potential targets, or use the Furuno DRS4D-NXT radar’s Auto Target Acquire function, tracking up to 100 vessels. Potential hazards identified within a range of three nautical miles from your boat will trigger an alarm. Select a target, retrieving its speed and estimating its course heading in seconds. 

Find Fishing Hotspots by Tracking Birds

Take advantage of the Furuno DRS4D-NXT radar’s Bird Mode, detecting birds gathering around schools of fish at the water’s surface. Enjoy optimal visibility as system settings and gain automatically adjust for optimal visibility.

The Technology to Deliver Clear, Reliable Data in Any Weather

  • RezBoost beam sharpening technology offers unsurpassed resolution and performance, allowing you to achieve the sharpness of a 2-degree beam width when set to MAX, reducing clutter and delivering crisp, detailed imagery with more targets.
  • Rain Mode separates rain cells, displaying them as blue targets, allowing you to see through the storm to identify targets that would typically remain hidden in the rain.
  • Dual Range Mode offers simultaneous scanning technology, allowing you to use one radar screen to navigate and the other to monitor birds and buoys.

Simple Installation

The Furuno DRS4D-NXT radar is available in 3.5, 4, and 6-foot open array antenna options. The system is compatible with Furuno NavNet TZtouch, TZtouch2, and TZtouch3 series multifunction touchscreen displays. This high power, 100/200W output Furuno radar installs easily with a single power source and network cable connection. There is no need to open the radome connect to an external power supply unit. A new smart connector cable for retrofitting existing DRS cable installations is also available.

Take advantage of the latest solid-state Doppler radar technology. Contact J-TEK Marine to order your Furuno DRS4D-NXT radar system today.

Furuno DRS4DNXT Doppler Radar

Furuno DRS4DNXT Doppler Radar


Product Specifications

Horizontal Beam Width
3.9° typical (-3dB) Adjustable between 2° and 3.9° (effective with RezBoost control)
Vertical Beam Width
Antenna Rotation Speed
24*/36/48 rpm * In dual range mode, speed is limited to 24 rpm
Peak output power
Solid state 25 watts
Range scales
0.0625 to 36* nm * In dual range mode, range is limited to 12 nm
ARPA target tracking
Up to 100 targets
24in Dia x 8.7in H