Furuno DRS4DNXT Solid-State NXT Doppler Radar

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DRS4DNXT Solid-State NXT Doppler RadarWhich radar should you choose now that the Furuno DRS4D has been retired? Compatible with all three generations of Furuno TZtouch multifunction displays, the Furuno DRS4DNXT is the perfect alternative to the old DRS4D. The new Furuno NXT radar offers outstanding value, with a price tag that matches its predecessor and an even easier installation.

 Furuno DRS4DNXT Solid-State NXT Doppler Radar Has All the Bells & Whistles

The Furuno DRS4DNXT requires no external power supply, reducing installation time and cost. Like other radars in Furuno’s solid-state NXT doppler radar lineup, the new Furuno NXT radar is packed with features, including:

  • Solid-State Pulse Compression
    The new Furuno NXT radar offers the performance of larger open-array radars in a compact, 24-inch dome. No warmup time required!
  • Target Analyzer
    Furuno’s Target Analyzer function improves situational awareness and safety. Utilizing Doppler technology, it highlights targets moving toward and away from your boat, showcasing stationary or retreating targets in green and targets moving toward your vessel in red.
  • Fast Target Tracking
    Avoid nearby obstacles and ensure safety, manually or automatically track up to 100 targets. The Furuno DRS4DNXT estimates and displays the speed and course vector of surrounding vessels in just seconds, allowing you to respond quickly to potential hazards.
  • Long Range Target Detection
    The new Furuno NXT radar delivers unparalleled long-range target detection, spanning up to 48 nautical miles. 
  • RezBoost
    In addition to exceptional close-in target detection, the DRS4DNXT includes Furuno’s exclusive RezBoost beam sharpening technology, achieving the sharpness of a 2-degree beam when set to MAX resolution, allowing you to identify even the smallest vessels.
  • Rain Mode

Uncover targets masked by rain clutter in rain mode, with rain echoes showcased on-screen in blue.

  • Bird Mode
    Find the best fishing grounds, identifying nearby birds as they gather around fish feeding at the water’s surface. Keep your hands on your reel, not your radar, as gain and sea settings adjust automatically to changing sea conditions for optimal visibility.


Take advantage of the latest next-gen radar technology from Furuno. Contact J-TEK Marine to learn more about the small but mighty Furuno DRS4DNXT, or to schedule a professional installation of this popular marine radar system today.