Garmin GMR2526 Radar Pedestal with Array

Garmin GMR2526 Radar

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How quickly can you more quickly identify objects in your path on the water? The high-powered Garmin GMR™ 2526 xHD2 6-foot open array-radar features 25-kilowatts of power, allowing you to identify obstacles up close and at a significant distance, even at night and in foggy, limited or no visibility situations. The Garmin GMR2526 radar is designed for cruising and offshore fishing excursions, featuring an intuitive operating system with no complicated user settings, ensuring plug and play use so you can quickly put this impressive radar to use on your ship.

The Garmin GMR™ 2526 xHD2 Showcases Targets in Incredible Detail 

The Garmin GMR™ 2526 xHD2 features a 1.1-degree horizontal bandwidth, producing high-resolution imagery and high antenna gain, giving you the flexibility to pick out targets up close and at a distance. Dynamic Auto Gain adjusts on-demand to optimal settings for shoreline and open water environments. Dynamic Sea Filter technology automatically adjusts sea clutter to calm, medium, and rough sea conditions. Eight-bit true color imagery enhances target separation, and Echo Trails create a historical record of objects on-screen to help you quickly identify moving targets that could pose a collision threat. 

Wide-Ranging Coverage for Serious Seafarers 

The incredibly powerful 25-kilowatt Garmin GMR™ 2526 xHD2 open array radar delivers impressive definition at all ranges. Choose from rotation speeds of 24 or 48 RPM, enjoying an expansive range scale of up to 96 nautical miles. Variable range markers (VRM) and electronic bearing lines (EBL) facilitate rapid measurements of distance and bearing to land. Mini-automatic radar plotting aid (MARPA) target tracking allows you to track up to 10 selected items, helping you avoid collisions. Set your Guard Zone, receiving an alarm when objects enter nearby waters.

Create More Detailed Maps with Radar Overlay

Create more detailed maps, even in a split-screen view, with radar overlay, incorporating radar imagery onto your chartplotter map. Integrate an autopilot or heading sensor (sold separately) for optimal performance. This dual-range, single radar antenna supports a split-screen view so that you can view imagery at close and long-range. The dual range system provides redundancy, allowing each display on your vessel to access data from one of two different radar sources.

Boost Performance and Amplify Target Size with Pulse Expansion 

Maximize energy on targets with pulse expansion, increasing the transmitting pulse duration to provide a larger target size on the chartplotter.

Quickly Identify Birds on the Water and Baitfish Below 

Find birds on the water, uncovering new fishing opportunities and ensuring you’ll never return empty-handed.

Gain a better view of the world around you, enjoying a safer, more productive boating experience. Contact J-TEK Marine to learn more about the Garmin GMR™ 2526 xHD2 open array radar today.