Raymarine Q24D Quantum 2 Dome Radar

Radar / January 14, 2021 / tags: Raymarine,

Are you looking for a more effective way to track dangerous targets on the water? The Q24D Quantum 2 dome radar, the latest radar in the Raymarine lineup, features next-generation CHIRP pulse compression and Doppler collision avoidance technology, delivering superior target awareness at long and exceptionally short ranges. The advanced Doppler processing of the Q24D Quantum 2 instantly highlights moving targets, color-coding them to distinguish their inbound or outbound direction, making it easy to identify potentially dangerous obstacles in high-traffic locations.

Top Features of the Raymarine Q24D Quantum 2 Dome Radar

  • Color-coded Doppler moving target display for enhanced situational awareness
  • TrueTrails target history, showcasing the path of moving targets
  • Fully automated (and manual) Quantum 2 MARPA target tracking, technology relied on by the Coast Guard
  • CHIRP Pulse Compression, capable of detecting targets as close as 18-feet in zero-visibility
  • 24-mile range for early identification of land, weather, traffic, and navigational aids
  • Rejects interference and noise from other radars
  • Starts and is ready to operate in seconds

Enhance Awareness of Collision Risks 

The Doppler radar technology of the Q24D Quantum 2 dome radar detects radar echo shifts returned by moving and stationary targets, translating the information into color-coded moving targets. Outbound targets are showcased in green, inbound targets in red, so you can quickly identify moving versus stationary targets in relation to your vessel and remain aware of potential collision risks.

Enjoy Fully Automatic Target Acquisition & Tracking

Set your custom safety and alarm zones, and the Raymarine Q24D Quantum 2 dome radar will begin tracking targets automatically, analyzing their course, speed, point of approach, and more. If dangerous contacts come your way, the Q24D Quantum 2 will alert you with an audible alarm and easily identifiable on-screen graphics.

Sail Safely with TrueTrails Target History

Raymarine’s latest feature, the TrueTrails target history display, showcases a historical “wake” behind each moving target for faster interpretation of vessel movement patterns that help you make safe, informed navigational decisions.

Simple Installation Anywhere on Your Vessel

The lightweight yet rugged design of the Raymarine Q24D Quantum 2 dome radar is easy to install. It fits the same bolt pattern as previous Raymarine scanners, facilitating an easy upgrade. You can mount this safe emissions radar anywhere on your boat. Install it using a traditional thin wired configuration or via the radar system’s built-in Wi-Fi, connecting it to your Raymarine multifunction display. The Q24D Quantum 2 weighs 50% less than similar magnetron radars, using very little power, making it an excellent choice for vessels operating exclusively on battery power.

Ensure safe travels with a Doppler radar that sets the standards for marine safety and collision avoidance. Contact J-TEK Marine to learn more about the Raymarine Q24D Quantum 2 dome radar or to outfit your vessel with this industry-leading technology today.