B744V TRIDUCER® Multisensor Thru-Hull CW

Airmar B744V transducer

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Get the depth, speed, and temperature information in a flash with the Airmar B744V TRIDUCER Multisensor thru-hull transducer. This unique sensor is an ideal companion to your 600 W fishfinder, combining all the information you need into a single thru-hull housing. The Airmar B744V features a 50/200 kHz dual-frequency ceramic element that delivers excellent target detail in shallow water at 200 kHz, alongside good deep-water bottom tracking at 50 kHz. Designed for speeds ranging from 1 to 45 knots (1 to 52mph), it delivers clear imagery and solid bottom tracking at speeds above 30 knots or 34mph.

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Streamlined Installation for Many Vessel Types

The B744V TRIDUCER Multisensor is designed for fiberglass or wood hull vessels up to 9 meters/30 feet in length. For thicker core hulls and steep-deadrise boats up to a 24-degree hull deadrise with fairing, choose model B744VL, which offers a longer stem. Both models feature a bronze housing and urethane acoustic window. Installed with a high-performance fairing for a flush-mount, the B744V puts maximum energy on the target and offers improved high-speed performance. Placing the transducer in clean water, in front of propellers and running gear, ensures maximum signal return.

The innovative housing design of the B744V TRIDUCER Multisensor allows for a fully recessed installation with a custom high-performance fairing. Fins of the sides of the paddlewheel cavity ensure accurate readings, even in cross-flow conditions. The patented valve assembly of the B744V TRIDUCER Multisensor stops water from rushing into the hull when the paddlewheel insert is removed for cleansing and storage.

Excellent for Many Fishing Applications

 The Airmar B744V triducer is an ideal companion on inshore and coastal fishing expeditions. It is also excellent for deep water lake fishing, allowing for slow trolling, structure fishing, and drifting at shallow to medium depths.  The B774V offers a maximum depth range of 235 to 353 meters (800-1200 feet) at 50 kHz, and 118 to 206 meters (400-700 feet) at 200 kHz. Beam diameter widens with depth. At 50 kHz, it ranges from 25 feet wide at 30 feet deep to 828 feet wide at 1000 feet deep. At 200 kHz, beam width varies from 6 feet wide at 30 feet deep to 210 feet wide at 1000 feet deep, providing superior coverage.

Take advantage of the many exciting features of this extraordinary transducer. Learn more about the best-selling Airmar B744V triducer or schedule your installation with J-TEK Marine today.