Garmin GT15M-IH In-Hull Transducer

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Do you wish you could find a marine transducer that doesn’t require you to deface your boat? The Garmin GT15M-IH in-hull transducer is the perfect choice for boat owners who want to avoid putting a hole on the transom, creating possible cavitation issues. This affordable mid-band CHIRP transducer is designed for in-hull mounting in vessels with a hull deadrise angle between 0 and 25 degrees. It is ideal for high-speed vessels, providing accurate readings in up to 1,900 feet in freshwater environments.

Fast Sonar Scanning Results

Suspended in a four-chamber liquid filled tank, the Garmin GT15M-IH in-hull transducer is designed to transmit and receive signals specifically through the hull of solid fiberglass boats. Featuring a medium CHRIP range of 85-165 kHz, a 600-watt power rating, and 24°-13° beamwidth, the Garmin GT15M-IH in-hull transducer scans large areas, showcasing large schools of fish quickly, but with less detail than high CHIRP sonar on smaller sea life.

Easy, No-Drill Installation

In-hull transducers are an ideal solution for multi-hulled boats and trailered vessels, installing easily with no need to drill into and injure your boat. There is no drag or potential for exposure to marine growth following installation. Installation can be quickly performed when your boat is in the water.

Compatibility with Multiple Garmin Systems

For optimal performance, transducers should be matched with your sonar. The Garmin GT15M-IH in-hull transducer is compatible with a number of systems, including:

● EchoMAP
● EchoMAP Plus
● GPSMAP Chartplotter/Sonar Combo
● STRIKER Fishfinder
● GSD 25 Premium Sonar

Installation Tips for the Garmin GT15M-IH

This 8-PIN in-hull transducer should be installed in vessels with a maximum fiberglass thickness of no more than 5/8 inch to avoid installation issues and potential damage. For certain STRIKER and EchoMAP units, an adapter cable may be necessary for connection. Please note, the GT15M-IH is not SideVU sonar capable and will not provide sonar imagery with SV or XSV systems.

Ensure the flawless installation and easy integration of Garmin transducer technology. Contact J-TEK Marine to find out if the Garmin GT15M-IH in-hull transducer is compatible with your sonar system and schedule your professional installation today.